Angie D. Hills

As a Certified Motivation Life Coach with an Intuitive and Spiritual background, I understand how to discern my clients’ needs and then put into practice a strategy to meet those needs. In today’s Lifestyle market, you need to work with a Life Coach professional that you can trust. We are dedicated to providing the absolute finest service and expertise possible for our clients.

Whether you are working on Personal Development or Professional Development, we can help make your dreams come true and grow to your fullest potential. Whether you are interested in the more practical & traditional Self Development area or more Spiritual Guidance and Divination, this website offers a wealth of information to help you.

It is my goal to help you Live your Life to the Fullest! My belief is that everyone should be Living With Passion and On Purpose!

Angie D Hills | Spiritual Life Coach

What our clients say

Thank you so much I really appreciated my reading. Things that you wrote really resonated with me. It gave me reassurance of some things that happen/happened in my life. Made me feel some comfort and confirmed some things that I sometimes take for granted. Thank you again ~ Meagan

WOW…….spot on …. thank you very much. you have opened my eyes for that in myself that ì was hiding from. Thank You! ~ Ghoggie

The mini one card readings gave me intense relief about the loss of my loved one and his feelings about decisions I have made on his behalf since his passing, Many thanks Angie, your reading resonated deeply! ~ Van Essa

Just had a mini reading I’m still crying. Angie is amazing she did pick up on two people. I would love to book a session in the future and I HIGHLY recommend anyone do this is contacting a passed love one ~ Victoria

Thank you so much for taking the time to draw a card for me! It took me a moment to understand the meaning, but it completely resonates with me. I’ve been passively considering a career path that I hadn’t previously considered. I feel the card you drew gives me the information I needed to pursue this. Again, thank you so much! ~ Crystal

Angie was well connected to my energy and was accurate, helpful, and clear in her predictions. But, most importantly she came across as someone who is really authentic and who sincerely cares in helping people out. I would highly recommend her to everyone for a reading. Thank you Angie. ~ Nalin

Thank you so much for taking the time to pull a card for me! It definitely resonated with me. You have an amazing gift! Thank you for sharing it with all of us ~ Amy

Thank you. Your reading was on point. It gave me great insight and direction. I appreciate your reading and I highly recommend. Thank you ×10 ~ R.V.

Thank you so much! I’ve been very indecisive on moving at the end of my lease or looking into purchasing the home we are currently at. You definitely helped push me into renewing my lease and not looking into purchasing currently! Thank you! ~ Cassy

Thank you, Angie, your reading was spot on!!! ~ Anna

Thank you so much Angie D. Hills for the reading. You were so accurate and have helped me so much. You are a gifted lady. Thank you! ~ Maura

Thank you for my reading! I was struggling looking to find answers to if things would turn around and your message helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. ~ Chonte

Thank you so much for my reading this last weekend. You helped me beyond words! I will forever be grateful! ~ Tanya

Thank you for trying to find an answer when the guides wouldn’t, above and beyond. Angie knew exactly what I’m going through and explained how to go forward. ~ Lesley

Angie was on point with her reading. Gave me the confidence that I’m moving in the right direction. I really enjoy how she does her readings. I truly appreciate the time she put into her reading and attention. ~ Janine

Angie pulled some cards for me in regards to a very general question I had about if I was missing something in my career /home life that I should have been doing. The cards she pulled not only helped me narrow down my question but answered it as well. Everything seemed to resonate and i really appreciate the time and energy given to me ~ Rebecca

She’s very on point with where I’m at in life, everything she told me about is exactly going in. I’m very happy and impressed. thank you very much!!! ~ Liza

Omg one of the best tarot readings I received! Angie’s reading was so perfectly accurate and it was right on time when i needed it to make a big important decision! Thank you Angie ~ Ela

I asked if I was with my soulmate I was given the card synchronized,, I have been with my partner for 11 years he is my other half of myself and it’s true that I need to recognize the small things he does for me, thank you very much! ~ Toni

Thanks so much..with so much changing for me at this point in my life I cant tell you enough thanks for helping me to stop doubting and start change…No more doubt for me thanks again hope to chat soon again ~ Crystal

Angie D. Hills, Thank you for your reading. It was very helpful and very on track with me and how I was feeling, dealing and needing to know.  I appreciate your message and your time. Blessed be! ~ Dina

My heart is feeling very content thanks to Angie! I was hoping for some guidance. Angie was spot on and left me feeling hopeful in a beautiful way. I felt a connection and I’m extremely grateful for her time and energy. Much appreciated! ~ Terry

I really appreciate the reading she gave me. She really connected well and touched on some major life issues for me. Like how I was hurt when I was a kid (teen) and how I am still healing. About how busy I am, even with creative projects. She is right! She suggested I connect with a support group or spiritual group. I have currently been seeking a spiritual group. I am very impressed with this reading. Thanks so much! I recommend her! ~ Debby

It was surprising! I posted I need just a general reading and with out asking she had all the info I needed and that was on my mind I was very happy! She was on point! ~ Steph

one word “AMAZING”

Awesome reading! Picked up on current energy perfectly!

So kind, genuine and really takes the time to answer your questions. I will be back!

I don’t know how you do that, but your readings always make a lot sense to my situation.

Phenomenal everyone needs to try this its amazing and accurate five stars!

It’s not the first time I get a mini reading from Angie and she always leaves me with a big smile. I will always come back to her. She’s amazing!

Angie is an amazing gifted lady absolutely phenomenal. I would highly recommend her you won’t be disappointed . Thank you Angie

Had an awesome reading with Angie today….ty so much for all the info….am on track now….so needed it….you’re so onto it…highly recommend to others….can’t wait for the next one!