30 Day Challenge - Resolutions & Goals

2018 New Year’s Resolution

Don’t Set it & Forget it…

Believe it & Achieve it!

Have you given up on setting New Year’s Resolutions? Are you discouraged because:

  • You don’t take Action
  • You Stray from your intended purpose
  • You Never see the Fruits of your Labor

When setting Resolutions the wrong way, it’s simply too easy to fall into the never-ending cycle of complacency. You know the one I’m talking about. It’s that awful feeling of being stuck in a cycle of going nowhere or living your life on auto-pilot.

Leading to feelings such as:

  • Loss of self-esteem
  • Worthlessness
  • Emotional Turmoil
  • Confusion

Setting Resolutions the Right Way and checking in on your progress allows you to visualize the outcome you wish to achieve. It gives you focus and lets you know you have some control in your life. That empowerment is motivating and is essential to moving forward.  

Finally, it simply makes us feel good, with a sense of accomplishment, to achieve the goals we set through resolutions. We’re able to measure our progress, and that’s quite satisfying! 

Join our FREE 30 Day Challenge for Setting Goals & Resolutions for Success in 2018! Over the course of the month, we’ll take a look at Setting Resolutions & Goals for Success! We’ll look at how this will affect all aspects of our lives and of course, I will have plenty of hands-on tips and suggestions for you.

We’ll be covering:

  • The History of Resolutions
  • Why We Make Resolutions
  • The Importance of Setting Goals
  • The Difference Between Goals And Resolutions
  • Why Resolutions Often Don’t Work
  • 3 Simple Tips to Make Resolutions Stick
  • SMART Goals
  • How Habits and Routines Can Help You Stick to Your Resolutions
  • The Value of a Support System
  • and Much More!!!

Who this Challenge is for:

  • Those that are FRUSTRATED with not getting Results
  • Those that are READY to get Results
  • Those that are WILLING to put in the Work

Who this Challenge is NOT for:

  • Those that are SLACKERS
  • Those that are NOT willing to put in the Work

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