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360 View of You – Introduction

Hi All! I’m going on a Journey – a 360 (365) Day & Degree Journey to find ME, My Life Path, My Life Purpose – a more intimate understanding of Who I am and What I am here for. Please come and join me on this Journey – follow along and learn about yourself on your own 360 degree View of You!

Now is the Perfect time for this NEW Journey! There are many systems, traditions & events that begin now – all about New Beginnings, New Growth, Re-Growth, Re-Birth, Renewal and more! Very Exciting times!

This is a time where Night meets Day – Dark meets Light and the two are of equal length and in in complete balance.

Vernal/Spring Equinox – First Day of Spring!

You can read much on the Vernal Equinox – it occurs in the Northern Hemisphere around March 19 – 21 and is  is commonly regarded as the moment when the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the center of the Sun’s disk and brings in Spring. (In the Southern Hemisphere it brings in Autumn)

In Astronomy, the March equinox is the zero point of sidereal time and, consequently, right ascension. It also serves as a reference for calendars and celebrations in many human cultures and religions.

The Vernal Equinox is the Beginning of the New Year in Astrology! This is where we will start our Journey – going through our own Natal Chart & Astrological Wheel through the year! It begins with Aries – the Fiery Explorer and in our 1st House that is all about US – Me, Myself and I and Ruled by Mars the Red planet of energy, aggression & action! What a perfect combination for us to Learn about ourselves and our New Journey!

First – you will need your own Natal Chart to follow along, track your placements and a journal for your notes.

You can print your Free Natal Chart here at www.astro.com

  1. Go ahead & create a Free Account to save your Natal Chart as we may pull other charts through the year.
  2. Enter all of your information – Including the Location of your Birth and your Exact Birth Time.
  3. Choose Free Horoscopes in the Menu
  4. Then Choose Chart Drawing Ascendant – you can click the image to open full page & save to your computer AND print it out. You will want a copy on hand to make notes.

Note & Marking tips for your Natal Chart: 

Have your Chart Laminated so you can use dry erase markers on it OR just slide it in a page protector sleeve & then you can write any permanent important notes on the chart and write on the page protector with dry erase markers during study!

Tomorrow we start looking at Aries! Aries begins March 21 as it bursts into the New Astro Year. Even if you are not an Aries & don’t have major placements in Aries – we will learn how we all have a little Aries in us – so let’s look and learn together and see where our Aries is – how we play this Aries energy out in our lives!

I’m excited & looking forward to you joining me on my Journey!

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