Dear Angie,

I need help with direction that I should take. It seems like everything is falling apart in my life. Financially it is a disaster. At 62 I do not even know how to start over and it looks like I am heading towards homelessness. For the last four years I have been doing all I can to stay afloat and now the bottom has fallen out. I so need some direction. And my health is not the best either. ~ Rechenda


Dear Rechenda,

Thank you for contacting me for guidance! I am happy to look into your situation and am sorry to hear about your struggles.

Ask Angie | Need Direction

First – I have looked at your Numerology and your Life Path as well as Birth Day number are both 1’s. A 1 energy is one of the strongest, direct, forceful, independent numbers there is! Possibly you are not living your truth and are not taking charge and control of your life and have allowed others to take charge, lead and decide directions for you. Take a little time to really think this over.

If you are not living YOUR authentic life & numbers energetically – you will be completely off balance and off of YOUR Path. It is time for YOU to take charge of your life, your direction, your path. You can do it – you have to let go of following others and lead. You have to let go of insecurities and uncertainties and just go.

Also in Numerology, 2017 is a 9 Personal Year for you. So, this would represent the ‘bottom falling out’ as you are feeling it. 9’s are at the end of our Numerology Cycle – they are all about endings, completions – these endings can feel good or bad. But – the good news is – This year is almost over & 2018 is a 1 Personal Year for you!!! Here is your number 1 AGAIN showing up in your numbers and in your life! 2018 is a chance for you to start something NEW, Changes and Growth are in store for you this year! Take advantage! You have to be aware though – you have to make the effort and take charge! You CAN Do this!

Next, I have pulled a Tarot Card Spread for you to see what guidance we can see there.

Tarot Card Reading

This card spread reflects exactly what you and I have talked about already with your situation and your numbers.

First – the Death Card is in your Past/Recent Past position – the Death card is a TRANSITION card & energy. This can be a very troublesome time – things ending, things changing, things seeming very bad, etc. BUT it is always a time for a New Beginning, Changes & a Transition into something new & better!

Next – The Sun is in your Current/Present/Soon position – The Sun card carries the same energy as the 1 in Numerology! It also carries energies of a New Birth (not necessarily a litleral birth – it can be, but birth of a new life, a new venture, a new project, etc) – Growth, Changes, New Beginnings! This is a VERY positive card coming up for you Now and in the Very Near Future. This also aligns with the number 1 Personal Year for 2018 starting very soon.

Finally – The 10 of Cups is in your Near Future position – The 10 of Cups shows a VERY Happy and Fulfilling Life! Your future looks VERY Bright!

I went ahead and pulled an additional card for you to see if we could get specific insight on WHAT you can do to move forward or just any other details to help you.

Tarot Card Reading

I have drawn the Emperor for additional insight – The Emperor is a card of Strength, Leadership, Confidence – he takes charge and doesn’t let anyone or anything get in his way. He makes the rules and he lives his life his way. So again, this fits very well with your numbers and the previous reading & the advice that it is giving you is the same as the advice I gave earlier with your Numerology – You take charge & live your truth!

I’m not sure of all of your other details & struggles – as far as work wise, etc. But – if you are struggling financially you have the ability to make a change. You can do whatever is needed to get yourself out of this situation. You can find a part time job or you can create your own! With your numbers – you can start your own business. Find your Passion – Live your Purpose – and follow your Heart!

We have a Facebook Group that is new – but will start focusing on Earning a Living with Passion and on Purpose & talk about starting our own business and growing it – feel free to join us there!

Thank you again for allowing me to offer you this guidance and advice – I am sending Love & Light and Blessings your way! Please keep me updated on your situation!


Angie D. Hills




Thank you so much. I received excellent insight to my situation. I really appreciate and love your reading. ~ Rechenda

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