Dear Angie,

Where am I going in Life these days? ~ JL III


Angie D Hills Reader

Dear JL III,

Thank you for contacting me for Guidance! I am happy to look into your situation!

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Tarot Card Spread shows me that you have many things on your mind, you may be contemplating your life, your direction, your future, your next move, etc. This is what is shown by the Moon card.

The Four of Pentacles elaborates on this and shows that you are feeling a bit unsure, insecure and feel stuck. Your feeling stuck is more out of your fear to let go and move on. You may have plans or things that you want to do or that you think or dream about – but you are too scared to move forward and you are holding yourself back.

The Temperance card shows up to let you know that you have no need to worry – everything will work out just fine. This message is a message for you to work on your confidence and faith and move forward!

Thank you again for allowing me to offer you this guidance and advice – I am sending Love & Light and Blessings your way!


Angie D. Hills



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