Dear Angie,

When will I find True Love Again? ~ KC

Dear KC,

Thank you for contacting me for Guidance! I am happy to look into your situation!

Angie D. Hills Card Reader

I have drawn a Tarot Card Spread for your question to see if we can see When you will find True Love Again!

Tarot Card Reader



First – I have drawn the 9 of Swords in your Past position. The Nine of Swords represents your past in feeling defeated, worried, stressed, lonely and more. Although this may reflect your past feelings and struggles – the Nines are also a good number for endings, changes and transitions. So – this could be representing positive changes coming your way!

Next – I have drawn the 7 of Cups in your Present position. The Seven of Cups can represent your hopes and dreams of finding your True Love! This can be a positive card if you focus your energy and thoughts in a positive direction in finding your True Love one day soon – Just make sure you are NOT focusing on negatives or assuming you will NEVER find your True Love, otherwise, this card could create negative energies and what I call the ‘Reverse Law of Attraction™’ and will actually push away your True Love & Attract your thoughts of NEVER finding them.

Finally – I have drawn the Ace of Pentacles in your Future position. The Ace of Pentacles is a Perfect Card for showing you that you will find your True Love in your Near Future! Aces are New Beginnings & Ace of Pentacles is showing a New Beginning, a New Source of Security – which could be a brand new True Love Relationship coming for you in your Near Future! As for timing – I would read into this one in the next few months or into the Spring/Summertime!

Thank you again for allowing me to offer you this guidance and advice – I am sending Love & Light and Blessings your way! Please keep me updated on finding your True Love!


Angie D. Hills



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