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Dear Angie,

What does my future hold, Financial, Health, Love? ~ Nancy G


What does my Future Hold

Dear Nancy G,

Thank you for contacting me for Guidance! I am happy to look into your situation!

Looking into your Numerology, your Life Path number is a 6. As a 6 – you are a Peacemaker, a Caregiver – your Life Purpose is to help others. This is a wonderful Life Path and Purpose – just make sure you are following your Purpose, otherwise – you may feel lost and unimportant.

Another thing that you should watch out for with the 6 as your Life Path Number, is to be careful that you don’t let others take advantage of you. You are so open to giving to and doing for others, that you can be easily taken advantage of, if you do not understand how to set boundaries and how to say NO sometimes. You also should make sure that you take care of YOURSELF! Many times with a Caregiver Life Path, one may get so busy taking care of others, that they forget to take care of themselves. Make sure you take time for yourself first.

2017 is a 9 Personal Year for you. You may be noticing things this year that feel like a struggle, or feel like cycles and projects and parts of your life are coming to and end – a completion. Some of these endings are a natural completion and you understand them, but some may feel like a negative ending – but there is always reasons for these endings. Typically, it is because this is not in your best interest, even though you can’t always see it at the time – and it has to end in order to make way for your New Beginnings! 2018 is a Personal Year 1 for you – this is a year of New Beginnings!

So – be ready for 2018 – you may have many New Things starting in your life, these can range from very minor events & projects to major life events. If you have wanted to start or do something and have been putting it off – 2018 is the time to Do it! This is a year for Action, Growth, Movement, Creation – make the best of it!

Now I have pulled a Tarot Card Reading for you to see what your Future Holds!

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The Seven of Pentacles shows that there may be something that you have been working on or working towards for awhile & maybe even felt like it wasn’t worth it or you weren’t getting anywhere. This card shows that your hard work & time is FINALLY paying off! Just like tending a garden – it takes a little time and effort and nurturing before you see the fruits.

The King of Swords here, to me, goes along with some of the advice above in your Numerology & is not to let others take advantage of you or not to give up on your dreams for others. The King of Swords is strong, stable, capable and demanding. This is a message for you to stand up for yourself and take charge of your life.

Don’t fret seeing the Death card here – many fear the sight of this card. But it is not as scary as it seems. As a matter of fact, it too goes along with the previous card and the above advice for your Numerology Personal Year for 2017 and 2018. This is just showing a time for Change for you. Some things may be ending & making way for new beginnings. This is a time of TRANSITION for you. Embrace it.

Sending Light & Love your way!


Angie D. Hills



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