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I’m so excited to share the Passion Oracle Card that I was blessed to have the opportunity to Design and contribute to the Divine Love Oracle Deck by Amethyst Mahoney. The Divine Love Oracle Deck is a collaborative project that 40 members of the Heart & Soul Community came together and each contributed a design.

Passion | Divine | Oracle Cards

I really wanted to capture the feeling of Passion in the design. I knew from the beginning I wanted a Heart as the center of the design, as I feel that when you have a genuine Passion that you feel it in your heart, you feel joy and your heart races. You also feel a Burning Desire deep within, which is the feeling I wanted to establish with adding the flames to the bottom of the card. The Burning Desire is deep down, deep in your belly – your gut.

Next I wanted to add a beautiful Guardian Angel overlooking from above. Our Passion is related to our Life Purpose and our Guardian Angels are always with us whispering little hints, direction and guidance to help us find and feel our Passion and live our Life Purpose. This is that little voice inside that we hear ~ This is our Intuition. So the Guardian Angel on the card is a reminder to be still and listen to the small still voice within and to follow our intuition and follow our heart.

Finally, I decided to add the Stars & Moon on a beautiful clear night. After I added it, I was concerned about the darkness, but the beauty in the bright shining Moon & Stars won, therefore it was left in the design. The Moon represents and affects our Intuition and our Emotions – so it is another visual reminder on the card to feel our emotions & our intuition, and find and follow our Passion. Even if we don’t realize that the Moon affects our intuition and emotions, we can’t help but get caught up in the beauty of the night sky and the shining stars & bright moon.

Many times, in order to hear the still small voice, to feel our heart and the burning desire within – we have to be quite. And with our busy lifestyles, we normally have a hard time being quite. But, when we glance up in the night sky and see the beauty of the moon & stars, we can’t help but to be still & quiet as we admire the beauty. This is a great time to be quite and listen.


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Interview: https://www.youtube.com/embed/QykpGGfvmyU

Featured on 10-21-15 on Amethyst Mahoney’s 3 and 30 Oracle Scope as her Divine Love Oracle Message for the Day!


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You are a Divine Being and can connect to Spirit:

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40 members from the Heart and Soul Community have come together to create a positive, uplifting Oracle Deck just for you.


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