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Cyber Monday Sales!!!

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If you want a head start on your business & to take advantage of some Cyber Monday Sales - here are a few products & sales that I highly recommend starting with - go ahead & grab them while they are on sale - don't worry about knowing what to do with them yet - join our Free FB Group and we'll get started in there with instructions SOON!


  • Domain Name: You will want a Domain Name - Depending on your Business, Many times I recommend getting your personal NAME as a domain name, as I have here. Feel free to Contact Me in the FB Group if you have a question or would like assistance coming up with a Domain Name.

<<LINK for Domain Name Cyber Monday Special>> 


  • Web Hosting: You will want a Web Host to host your Domain Name & Website. You will want a paid Web Host & NOT some of the free sites & blogs to create a Professional Website & to Generate INCOME. There are many many web hosts available - I researched quite a bit when I first started many years ago & have a few favorites that I might recommend - but this is the one I use NOW and am very happy with - I would HIGHLY recommend them & they have a. GREAT Sale for Cyber Monday!

<<LINK Web Hosting Cyber Monday Special>>


  • E-Mail Provider: You will want an E-Mail Provider for newsletters, marketing and more. Aweber had been around for many many years & many many professionals & corporations use Aweber. I have used a few different ones over the years - but started with Aweber early on & continue to believe it is the best.

<<LINK  for E-Mail Cyber Monday Special>>

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