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November 2017 – Full Moon in Taurus

The Full Moon in Taurus on November 4, 2017  brings many Energies to combine the Grounded, Down To Earth, Practical Energies with the High Vibrating Spiritual Energies to create a Perfect Storm for you to Change & Grow – it brings an opportunity to Connect to and Reach your Highest Potential – your Divine Purpose!

Here are a few things to know about the November 4, 2017 Full Moon in Taurus:

In Numerology

November carries the Energy of the Master Number 11. The Master Number 11 carries a high vibrating energy that has the potential for Spiritual Connection & Enlightenment.

The Number 4 for today, Day Number 4, carries a very balanced and grounded energy. It can be an energy of contentment & comfort or an energy of feeling entrapped and ready to expand & grow.

The Number 7 Energy for today, Day Number for November 4, 2017, carries an energy of a Seeker of Truth. This is is a great energy to take time to look within and meditate on your higher purpose ~ Your Truth.

In the Zodiac

The Full Moon is in Taurus – Taurus is an Earth sign and is very grounded, practical and steady. The Taurus is consistent and reliable and will stop at nothing to get what they want and deserve.

In Astrology

The Full Moon is a time where the Light of the Full Moon, shines on and brings to light areas of life and goals that you already may be working on. The Full Moon will illuminate your success and/or failures. The Energies it brings is a chance for you to recognize your success or failures, re-evaluate, make a plan, set your intentions and take action to improve or reach your goals and full potential.

Even in Success, you can find areas that you can improve – find these areas and set new goals and new intentions to reach your Highest Potential!

And when you feel you have found failure – there is always bits and pieces of lessons that you can take from here and re-evaluate and restructure and move forward. Take time to review what you think your failures are, re-assess and focus on a new goal, a new path and set your new goals and steps to get there.

All of these combined Energies from Grounded, Practical Earthly Energies along with, Illumination and High Vibrating Spiritual Energies come together and give you a chance to create Realistic Achievable Goals. This is a Full Moon that you can Set High Spiritual Goals for yourself and be able to set Practical and Realistic Action Steps to help get you there!

Take a little time now for a Casual Full Moon Ritual:

  1. Evaluate your Life, Your Goals, Where you are & Where you want to be
    1. If you feel you have reached Success – Dig Deeper and go to the next level
    2. If you feel you have Failed – Find the Lesson – Re-evaluate and Set your New Goals
  2. Write out your Goals
    1. Break your Goals Down in to Actionable Steps
  3. Use Any Tools that you are comfortable with using for your Full Moon Ritual
    1. Crystals
    2. Candles
    3. Incense, etc.
  4. Read over your written Goals, Focus, Meditate, use Prayer, etc.
  5. Release them and their energy into the Universe
    1. Fold them and put them away somewhere out of site
    2. Burn them and let the smoke bring your intentions into the universe
    3. Add them to your Day Planner and work daily on your Action Steps
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