Living with Passion and on Purpose E-Book & Workbook

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We’ve put together this ebook and workbook/journal to help you Live an Intentional Life.


We all want to live a happy and fulfilled life, but sometimes we struggle with how to go about doing that.

If you are in the same spot, the answer may be to live a more intentional life. It’s an interesting concept that’s gotten a lot of attention over the past few years. When you live with intention and purpose, you get more done, live a better life, increase your self-confidence, end up feeling happier and more fulfilled, have better relationships, and it may even improve your health and overall well-being. Do you think this is something you are interested in?

We’ve put together this ebook and workbook/journal to help you Live an Intentional Life.

Here is a Sample of what is covered:

Part 1: What Does Being Intentional Mean?

  • Being Intentional Means Taking Control
  • Being Intentional Means Planning Your Life
  • Being Intentional Means Defining And Living Within Your Values
  • and more…

Part 2: How To Live More Intentional

  • There Is No Magic Pill
  • Start Small To Avoid Overwhelm
  • Make Intentional Choices Every Day
  • and more…

You may have heard that it takes 30 days to create a habit and with this workbook/journal you can help your yourself get in the habit of being intentional and living a life of passion and purpose. There are 33 pages that will help record thoughts and progress as you make the daily choice to live with passion & purpose and enjoy your life to the fullest.

The workbook includes a handy daily habit tracker, inspirational quotes, and of course plenty of space for you to record their thoughts and feelings. You can print out a fresh copy for each month and continue to use the workbook for as long as you need it.


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