Day 19 – Guess What? Money And “Stuff” Doesn’t Make You Happy

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  In yesterday’s blog post we talked about the importance of living with a purpose for your spiritual health and how it all comes back to living a happy and fulfilled life. Today I want to talk about what doesn’t make you happy. We’ve talked a lot so far about why it’s important to live […]

chakra jewelry

Chakra Jewelry Set

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Attention: Chakra Lovers… Get This Incredible ‘Chakra Jewelry Set’  TODAY FREE SHIPPING! Claim Your Chakra Jewelry Set NOW! This beautiful Chakra Energy  This trio of chakra jewels are made with natural gemstones, crystals, and Lavastones. It’s a stunning set that would suit any occasion. Keeping chakras balanced is extremely important and supports a balanced life. And wearing this beautiful jewelry set raises awareness […]



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Eastern philosophy and medicine, originating in ancient India and China, have traditionally regarded body structures and the life processes occurring within as inseparable. Their terminology resides halfway between structure and function and identifies certain entities in the human body, representing the flow of life energy and, in some sense, conduits for that flow that do […]