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These are a Few of My Favorite Things…

Thank you for stopping by! I wanted to share A Few of My Favorite Things with you! This post may be long – but I have it sectioned off as well as small blurbs for each item, so there are not long paragraphs for reading!

They are sectioned off by what area of Life I use them, such as: General, Family, Spiritual, Personal & Professional. I’m sure you can relate to most of these areas of life as well. And some of them overlap areas of life & some overlap so many, I created the General section for them.

I seem to stay so busy and stressed and so many times, it is so hard to keep up with everything and get everything complete – so I love Life Hacks & Productivity Hacks that help organize & track and Get Things Done! So – many of these are just for that!

  • Some are FREE
  • Some have a FREE basic version with Paid Upgrade available
  • Some have a FREE Trial & then Upgrade
  • Some are Paid

These are a Few of My Favorite Things...




Here I’ll share a few of My Favorite Things that may not fit specifically in one of the categories below. Many of these I incorporate in multiple areas of my life and I’m sure you can too!



  • I just discovered this not too long ago & it is probably my FAVORITE item on here! It is great for Organizing, Lists, To-Do’s, Tracking, Planning, Scheduling and MORE…
  • This one I use for multiple areas of life…Great for Family, Personal, Professional and great for Collaborating with Family or Teams. The FREE version is good & probably all most of you will need. If you want to ask me about some of the upgrades available – just send me a message & I’ll be happy to chat!

Send Out Cards

  • Send out CardsThis is a great way to send Custom Greeting Cards. You can customize 1 at a time for a Special Occasion or customize a Christmas Card & send to multiple people at once. You design the card & they print & mail it, so your friend or family receives a real printed card in the Mail! Yay!
  • This works well for Personal to send to friends & family, but also works very well with Business & build Relationships with Customers, Clients, and your Warm Market. Try it out and send 1 Free Custom card on me!


  • lastpassThis is a program to save your PASSWORDS – Yay! So hard to keep up with passwords & most places are unsafe to save them. Free & paid version – I use the Free & believe that is all most will need and even if you want more – the pro version is very inexpensive. But – sign up for the Free version – you’ll Love it!



Food/Dinner/Cooking: These are resources I LOVE that help me cut down on spending for meals, cut down on planning, preparing, shopping, cooking and most importantly – Stressing!

5 dollar meal plan$5 Dollar Meal Plan

  • $5/month membership & you receive meal plans for each week with shopping list & recipe with instructions. Each meal is about $2/person or average $5/meal. Talk about saving time & my sanity!! And saving money – this is one you must check out and there is a 14 Day Free Trial – so you get to try before you buy!


  • This is a monthly membership for Make ahead & Freeze Recipes! These are life savers when I have late nights packed with my boys’ sports! You choose your meals for the month and number of servings, then you print out the recipe with shopping list and instructions!


Meal Delivery:blue apron


Blue Apron – Go here & receive $30 off your first Meal!




Benebell Wen’s 2018 Metaphysician’s Day Planner  

  • This is the 2nd year I’ve ordered her Planner. I love having all the Metaphysical & Astrological info in the calendar & on hand. It is a digital calendar & she sends the info to have it printed online & it is inexpensive.

Hay House

  • hayhouseI Love shopping at Hay House for Personal Development and Spiritual Development! There is a multitude of things to shop for – Self Help, Motivation, Health & Healing, Spiritual, Divination, Oracle Cards and more!

30 Days of Meditation & Spirituality

  • This is a FREE 30 Day Challenge that I’ll be running & plan to begin January 1st! Head over & register to receive notification when the Challenge details are up!


Tarot Party Box


  • This one is SO Much Fun! If you’re a Beginner Tarot Reader or Professional or would just like to start learning – consider this Tarot Party Box. We may even start a community & get together each month for learning & to trade readings and support. I don’t have this setup yet – but keep an eye on my website/blog and facebook page & group to get more details.


If you’re interested in a little Wicca & Witchcraft – Check out these packages.





  • This one is actually beneficial for all areas of life as well – Personal Development, Spiritual Development, Professional Development, etc. It is a program to purchase & play audio books. I love reading & learning, but hardly ever seem to have the time to sit down with a book. The audiobooks work So well for me! I put one on and play it while I’m doing housework, cooking dinner and especially while riding in the car.


  • cratejoyI’m sure you’ve heard of some of the MONTHLY Box Packages? There are multiple out there now & this one is a site with TONS of options! So – whether you’re looking for yourself one or a gift for that hard to shop for friend or family member – take a browse here and I’m sure you’ll find one that is perfect!

Living with Passion & on Purpose 30 Day Challenge

Living with Passion & on Purpose Facebook Community

Living with Passion & on Purpose E-Book, Workbook & VIP Club




  • Domain Name: You will want a Domain Name – Depending on your Business, Many times I recommend getting your personal NAME as a domain name, as I have here. Feel free to Contact Me in the FB Group if you have a question or would like assistance coming up with a Domain Name.


  • Web Hosting: You will want a Web Host to host your Domain Name & Website. You will want a paid Web Host & NOT some of the free sites & blogs to create a Professional Website & to Generate INCOME. There are many many web hosts available – I researched quite a bit when I first started many years ago & have a few favorites that I might recommend – but this is the one I use NOW and am very happy with – I would HIGHLY recommend them.


  • E-Mail Provider: You will want an E-Mail Provider for newsletters, marketing and more. Aweber had been around for many many years & many many professionals & corporations use Aweber. I have used a few different ones over the years – but started with Aweber early on & continue to believe it is the best.


  • Social Media Management: I’ve used Hootsuite for years to manage my social media. When I first started using it – I researched quite a bit. I know there are many new ones now – but Hootsuite has been all I’ve needed so far – so I haven’t had the need or the time to research the new ones. So – feel free to research them on your own – just include Hootsuite in your research.


  • Just call me the Typo Queen: And if you’re anything like me – you’ll thank me for this one! Just check it out – I use the free version & it is all I have needed so far.


  • Online Marketing: This is a REAL Cool little App! If you EVER share Other content on your social media – other sites blog posts, etc., you will want Snip.ly. You can share someone else’s blog post, website, etc. and add YOUR picture/logo & link at the bottom. You’ll have to see it to really get it – but it is something you will want. I use the Free version & so far that is all I need. I did upgrade at one time to the paid version because I was running two different brands – but for one brand & business – the Free version is fine & even the paid version isn’t expensive.

Video Speed Controller

  • Video: If you watch a lot of videos like I do, you’ll LOVE this! I watch so many videos, not only fun ones but many many training videos and it is SO Time Consuming! So – this Free little extension for Google Chrome puts a tool on your videos that you can use to speed up your videos as you watch them. I Love Love Love this – sometimes I can listen to it perfectly at 1 1/2 speed – sometimes 2x speed and still understand them perfectly – now, they may sound a little like Alvin the Chipmunk, but perfectly understandable. That way I can watch a 1 hour video in 30 min – now that’s saving time! And I have even sped it up to 3x – 4x if I just need to get through some sections & slow down when I’m ready to listen & follow along.


  • Online File Storage: This is another one that I have used for Years! They have a Free version that is great to start with and you can invite friends and earn more storage space.


Too Many More to List – Join our FB Community & Challenge Below and I’ll be sharing more throughout the Challenge

Earning a Living with Passion & on Purpose 30 Day Challenge 

Coming Soon: This is a 30 Day Challenge that will be focused on helping you get started EARNING a Living with Passion & on Purpose. Please register for our Newsletter, follow my Blog & join our FB Community below to receive notification when this registration opens up.

Earning a Living with Passion & on Purpose Facebook Community


What are some of Your Favorite Things? Share in the Comments below…



As a Certified Motivation Life Coach with an Intuitive and Spiritual background, I understand how to discern my clients’ needs and then put into practice a strategy to meet those needs. In today’s Lifestyle market, you need to work with a Life Coach professional that you can trust. We are dedicated to providing the absolute finest service and expertise possible for our clients.

Whether you are working on Personal Development or Professional Development, we can help make your dreams come true and grow to your fullest potential. Whether you are interested in the more practical & traditional Self Development area or more Spiritual Guidance and Divination, this website offers a wealth of information to help you.

It is my goal to help you Live your Life to the Fullest! My belief is that everyone should be Living With Passion and On Purpose!

65 thoughts on “These are a Few of My Favorite Things…

  1. I love The Sound of Music 🙂 Your favorite’s are interesting and I’ve never heard of some. Thanks for the suggestions and the descriptions that explain it all!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I was singing the song to myself the whole time I was writing! I hope you found a few suggestions on there that you could use!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Trello! I haven’t been using it that long but it’s amazing. I also use LastPass and love it. Audible is one of my personal loves, listening to books while I drive is amazing.

  3. We have lastpass and swear by it! It just makes everything so much easier to store passwords! I’ve been wanting to move over to SiteGround for awhile (I’m on bluehost ahhhh) so hopefully I can do that soon

    1. It’s Amazing how one little program can make our lives so much easier! But we do have so many passwords that it is so hard to keep up with them – I’m so thankful for LastPass! You’ll love Siteground when you make the switch!

  4. I love using Trello and Dropbox too. And thanks for the coupon, a meal delivery would help me save a lot of time.

  5. I love these kind of posts! I haven’t heard of a lot of these! The freeze easy one looks for me. I love recipes and cooking.

  6. These are all great items. I definitely recommend Siteground as well and I do use Hootsuite. I will check out some of the other items you mentioned. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I specifically am interested in Audible. I love to read but like you I struggle to find time!! It’s definitely on my list of downloads. I’ve also heard great things about grammerly. I’ll be giving. That a try, you can never be too safe!

  8. I have started using Trello as well recently, because of a new contractor we have hired. He keeps us informed about the progress using this app and I love how easy it is to read it and how user friendly the interface is.

  9. Oh these are some brilliant tips! I’m definitely going to check out “Send Out Cards” this would be brilliant for our customers. I have heard about Trello, but never really knew how it worked until now. Thank you!

  10. Oooo, I’m keen to take part in your challenge!
    I use trello at work, it’s great! And Grammarly has been amazing. Thanks for sharing, really great list

    1. You will LOVE Trello – it may take a little getting used to – but not a big learning curve. You’ll get it down quick & if you’re a visual person, customizing with a background image, colored tabs & images is so cool!

  11. I love grammerly, it got me through university. I bet this post is super useful for people who are looking to buy Christmas presents for you.

  12. I haven’t actually heard of a lot of these different things that are your favorite! Audible is amazing, I was actually turned onto it not that long ago and I instantly fell in love with it! Thank you for sharing your favorites! It’s always nice to discover new things and tools to make your life better.

  13. Those are awesome things! These make our life easier that’s why I feel so good having some of those stuffs that you mentioned.

  14. Great list! I may need to look into that Trello. I need some organization help and the calendar & to do list built in on the iPhone just isn’t enough. Some of the other things you listed, I use, so I guess I’m on the right track!

  15. I am so glad to get a chance to know about such useful and informative things from your article. I have used Grammerly before and I know how it helps one to write by correcting the grammatical errors.. Thank you for sharing. I think the other things which you have talked about here will be similarly helpful for anyone too..

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