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Week 1: 360 View of You – Aries in Mars


March 21, 2108 – The First Day of the Astrological Year & Astrological and Zodiac Wheel

The New Year & New Wheel Charges in with Aries as the leading Zodiac Sign. Aries is the image of the Ram – charging full speed ahead & butting heads with anything or anyone in their way. Aries is a Fire Element sign, which leads to it’s fiery hot energy. Aries rules the 1st House and is all about Self and is ruled by Mars, the fiery red planet full of energy, action and aggression. Aries is a Cardinal sign, that is all about taking action and getting things started.


We can look at where Aries is in our Natal Chart to see which area of our lives may be in focus during this time. We’ll look more into our 1st House and Mars and how they play out in our lives later in the month.

The first week and a half of Aries is Ruled by the Decan Planet Mars – Mars being Fire Element and Aries Ruler as well as a Cardinal Sign Ruler, we will see lots of action and new beginnings during this time – this may even be a time where we jump in head first and get things started, but don’t always have a plan for follow through. Things started now, may not end up at completion.

Each Day is also ruled by a Degree – there is tons of information and many opinions on the individual degrees, certain ones are very specific and critical degrees, some are viewed as important if they have a planet placement or only for other important placements – there are also many fixed stars that relate to some individual degrees – but for this Journey – we’ll just be covering some basics with the degrees. We will consider a bit of Numerology and some of the important & critical degrees through our Journey.

Date Sign Element House Planet Decan Degree
March 21 Aries Fire 1st Mars Mars 0-9


Even if you are Not an Aries Sun Sign or do not have placements in Aries in your Natal chart, we still have a little Aries energy in our Natal Chart & in our Lives. So – let’s take a look at Where & How Aries may play out in our lives and what we have to look forward to over the next month.

Take a look at your Natal Chart – Instructions are provided HERE to print out your Free Astrology Natal Chart.

This is Not an Astrology Course – It may benefit you more if you already have a basic understanding of Astrology – but even if not, just follow along – we’ll point out a few basics & some details along the way and as you go through the year, I believe it will all start to make more sense to you.

Here is a very basic introduction to the Houses

House Description/Keywords – Area of Life that it encompases
1 Self – First Impressions – New Beginnings – Self Awareness – Physical Appearance
2 Values – (Material/Tangible & In-Tangible) Things and What you Value. It does cover Money & Possessions as well as ‘Moral’ Values – Self-Esteem, etc.
3 Communication – Lower Education (before college) – Siblings – Neighbors – Short Trips
4 Home and everything associated with it (Childhood as well as Current) Including people as well as physical home & land. Some say it represents Mother & some say Father. And Your Roots – where you came from & your inner & emotional security.
5 Creativity – Children – Pursuit of Pleasure – Dating (Marriage is in a different house). And Much more – you may find reading up on this house helps understand all it encompasses.
6 Daily Work – Quality of Work opposed to Career (which is in a different house) Health – and Self Care
7 Thought of as the house of Marriage – but covers all personal one on one relationships – Business – Partnerships – Friendships
8 A bit difficult house to understand – you can think of it as covering all of the Opposites of the 2nd house. It covers so many areas – you may want to read more into this house to try to get an understanding of it.
9 Philosophy – Religion – Higher Learning – Long Distance Travels – Wisdom – Dreams – and much more. This is an interesting one to research more – especially if you have planet placements there.
10 Career – Status – Reputation – Social Foundations (opposed to house 4 family/root/personal foundations) Also argued whether it rules Father or Mother – again, opposed to house 4.
11 Community – Friendships – Groups of People – Social Causes
12 This is another very deep and possibly hard to understand, or very misunderstood house. It represents our subconscious – our hidden selves – karma – our past lives and more.



(Take some time to research on your own & read the thousands of keywords and descriptions of each house to come to a better understanding of them. I find reading many descriptions and explanations help me grasp my OWN understanding of each house.)


I’ll start covering Planets Next Week – so for now – let’s just look at Aries in our House.

Here are a couple of Example Charts that I looked at and Reviewed and Question the Chart Owners.

Aries 4th

In this chart – I spoke with my friend & she let me know that she has really been contemplating divorce for awhile and has just decided that she must focus on taking care of herself & getting ready to finally ask for a divorce. Typically, we think of a divorce as an ending – but I always think of instances like this as New Beginnings. So – knowing that I was focusing on my Astrology Journey & it was the first day of Aries for Action & New Beginnings – we took at look at her chart.

We see Aries falls in her 4th house – this is the house of her HOME – her Roots – Foundations – what is important & safe and secure to her. We can also see that the day before Chiron (the wounded healer) was in the last degree/day of Pisces, which is about feelings. Her IC is sandwiched by Chiron in Pisces and Sun in Virgo – her IC would be more about her roots and in this instance looks like a transition or bridge between her hurt feelings (now and the past) and her Sun in Aries in 4th house – Her Self Confidence & Joy in her HOME.

She did confirm that that day before she was very emotional & crying about her situation as well as thinking of her father – this is a very good representation where we can see how these energies are playing out in her life. She can see these in her chart and understand a bit more about what she is going through and accept them and learn to continue to live her life and work with these changes.

Aries in 6

In this chart – I contacted the chart owner & let her know that I was working through a Journey through Astrology & looking at Aries on the fist day of Aries Cycle. I explained that Aries was in her 6th House – which is about work & work ethics & work actions – so I would imagine that she would see some new activity & actions in the work area of her life now & coming up.

She did explain that she has recently gotten more busy in the work that she loves and has a course setup that she will be teaching soon.

Aries in 2nd

My 360 Journey – My Aries is in my 2nd House. This is the house of things that I Value. Remember, this can be Material Valuable things & possessions, as well as Intangible Values.

Well – I am going through some major life changes – in a way, they have been going on or in the workings for almost 10 years – on the other hand, the final straw just came out of nowhere a few weeks ago. So – during these last few weeks, I was supposed to start going through things in my home, purging and packing. BUT – I am such a procrastinator! I haven’t touched the first thing yet.

(I already started this blog post & then had to delay it – so as I was writing it after the fact – I realized how the actions of my day fit perfectly for my first day of Aries)

Literally, as I was sitting at the computer & working on this blog post (and chatting with a FB friend and fellow reader) – My Internet went down. It was a very windy day – so I assume the wind blew it out. BUT – I also understand that it was the Universe helping PUSH me to get going – get started – take action! So – I put the computer away and started sorting, purging and packing! I was literally going through my physical possessions – things I highly value – these are things that are material possessions as well as emotional valuables. So – a very action oriented day (Aries) going through my Values (2nd House) as well as a New Start for a New Beginning for me and my life. (Aries in 2nd House)

As well as the decision that I have made that is so very hard – is based on my Values. It is a very hard decision, but I have to do what is right to me – I have to follow my morals and my values and hold my value of myself as my most prized possession.

Along with all of this – I will also be starting a New Beginning with a Career & Financial Income – which again, goes perfectly with Aries in 2nd House. (New Beginnings in 2nd house of values, possessions, money)

So – I just smile at the way the Universe works when we understand, learn and pay attention.



Take a look at your Natal Chart and see which House Aries is in and see if you can relate or pay attention and see if you have any New Beginnings – New Actions that you are taking or starting or will be very soon in that area of your life.

Please let us know what you find & your thoughts – any additional thoughts and information that you can add to all of our Journey, would be very welcomed! You can comment below on the blog post or follow us on Facebook and comment there – Angie D. Hills on Facebook

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